From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
Looks can be deceiving. Hidden away behind Jumeirah Beach, in the corner of Dubai’s fishermen's village, Bu Qtair looks more like an abandoned nursery. The only hint that this tiny shack could be a restaurant is a few multi-coloured kids' stools littered around the low plastic table. Bu Qtair doesn’t have a phone number for calling ahead to book, or even a toilet, but it does serve some of the freshest fish in the Middle East – so fresh, in fact, that the menu changes every day, depending on the catch.

The choice isn’t extensive (and there’s certainly no dainty dessert or coffee on offer) but the portions are insanely enormous and it's all delicious.The gigantic snapper is the most common catch. It comes battered, and lightly spiced with cumin, and still has its eyes intact – which won’t float everyone’s boat but they really are well worth a try. Boiled rice, paratha bread and succulent, thoroughly addictive prawns are also available as sides. You can eat in or use Bu Qtair to stock up your freezer for the month. Most people do the latter. It is really more a fish-market than a restaurant and, while prices have gone up recently, it still doesn’t disappoint. Bu Qtair is no-frills seafood at its authentic best.