From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
Newcomers to Dubai will find Malecon a refreshing change from the overly-opulent norm, with its copious images of Che Guevara, Cuban cigars and vintage posters. Those who’ve been here a while will know it for its extreme air-conditioning, poor acoustics and extortionate meal prices. However, following a recent visit, we found some impressive renovations (the big bar has been shifted to the side of the room, leaving more space at the centre) that seem to have made a difference on the general, dare we say it, feng shui of the place. As an in-house band plays alongside you, take a seat in the allocated ‘restaurant area’ of the bar and dig into the gigantic steaks, fresh fish dishes (we particularly liked the hammour wrapped in banana leaf) as well as tacos and soups. While we still think we’d prefer to come here for a drink and a skit of salsa, dining here is becoming an increasingly inviting option.