From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
This local haunt is very hard to find. It sits in an alley next to Naif Mosque, near the Naif market off of Deira Street, but it’s popular. The clientele mainly consists of Arabs in traditional dress, and the interior is a kitsch combination of brown muddy walls, 70s waterfall clocks, shiny gold roof leading, a stone water feature in the centre of the room (which doesn’t work), fake crystal chandeliers and a raised carpeted floor area you can use to eat on if you prefer sitting on the floor. The menu is reasonably priced and for Dhs25 you can get white rice, an Irani kebab, soup, houmous and a side salad. It’s enough for two to share or for just one too, if you’re really hungry. Staples on the menu include Afghan curries and tasty pulao. The food is no-frills, tasty grub. If you’re in the area by all means stop by, but it’s not worth seeking the place out for a special meal.