From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
Set at the end of Jumeirah Beach Walk, Bob’s Diner is hangover central. The American-style eatery is full of sugary, fatty treats to help you get over that heavy night before! Almost every customer comes in bleary-eyed yet leaves almost sprightly. The comfort food on offer includes humungous burgers and tall sandwiches, which all come with godly potato wedges that seem to soak up any ill feelings from the night before like magic. The giant Swiss and chicken and avocado burgers are both tremendous (and tremendously unhealthy). They are dripping with flavour, while nothing can beat the signature lumpy chocolate milkshake, which has chunks of Dairy Milk in it. Beware though, almost every deliciously syrupy Bob’s Diner dessert could plausibly induce diabetes! Bob’s Diner is definitely the place for all your binge-eating needs. The food is fast, cheap and fatty.