From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
If you've been there, done that and exhausted the list of places your best friend gave you to impress your other half, then Al Dawaar could just be the start of your rescue plan. The gently rotating restaurant has a slightly disorientating surreal feeling that hits you initially and then starts to wear off. It takes, approximately an hour to do a full rotation. Only then you can really start to appreciate the pretty good food that elevates this restaurant from just a novelty tourist spot. The international buffet offers a wide range of meats and fish as well as stews, breads, sauces, and frankly, a bit of everything from all over the world. The grilled salmon really impressed but be sure to leave some space for the desserts which are drawn from French and Arabic influences. Backed up by some great sharp service and decent drink options this wonderfully peculiar circular high up in the skies, should leave you and your friends delighted.