From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
Unassuming and modest, Luciano's, quietly hidden at the back of the Habtoor is a delightful and romantic Italian retreat. It's pleasant and cute without being cheesy or corny, and whether you dine inside or out, Luciano's offers an amiable and warm experience. The food is honest and true and decent in size (although it can take a few too many minutes to arrive), but what you are eventually served with are good, old-fashioned, hearty dishes; remember the ones that your grandmother served? Whilst it's fair to say that some details are sometimes sacrificed and the restaurant itself is far from the finest Italian you'll ever eat, it does nonetheless offer decent value and leaves you content and happy as you tuck in. There's a fairly extensive menu on offer here, with seafood aplenty but while the pizzas and pasta provide decent choices, it's the grilled meat that gets the thumbs up. We suggest the grilled chicken (pollo griglia) followed by the delightful panna cotta. Luciano's is an endearing experience in a mellow, relaxed kind of way, the food is good and the service equally so, although the prices can be on the steep side. It may not be extraordinary, but it knows what its good at and boy, does it do it well.