From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
As its name suggests, Manga Sushi is the spiritual home for lovers of Japanese food and pop culture. But, even if the punky-looking manga characters are alien to you, Manga Sushi is an appealingly quirky place. With a futuristic feel, the shiny black-and-silver decor is adorned with those statement cartoon characters – on the walls and shelves, the menus, the staff uniforms – there’s even a manga library to peruse as you eat. Head over on a Sunday or Tuesday night and you can order as much sushi and sashimi from the a la carte menu as you want for Dhs150 (though, be warned, ‘you cannot share!’ as the waiter will tell you several hundred times).

With no live sushi counter, it’s doubtful the rolls are made to order – certainly the consistency is a little heavier than a light and fresh roll – but they at least taste like they were made that day. The eel unagi roll is a smoky must, plus the yakuza (lobster tempura, avocado and smoked salmon) along with the Korean kimchi roll with barbecue steak and kimchi cabbage are good choices. For an unpretentious Japanese eatery with a sense of fun, it's a good choice.