From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
Sure the name is hardly original, but once you visit you’ll gain respect for their no-nonsense approach. It’s all sushi and sashimi and other bite-sized delights. It’s a rather small venue and feels like it was plonked there by the hotel as an after-thought but they’ve done their best to make it work. There are individual pieces as well as ‘sets’ where the chefs serve up surprises. We decided to be difficult and gave them the daunting task of coming up with a no-seafood-at-all sushi and sashimi set and boy, did they deliver.

We’re not talking just cucumbers either – there was avocado maki sure, but also sashimi with shitake mushrooms, soy beans, asparagus, dried Japanese melon, yam and other wonderful vegetarian delights we’ve never tasted before. Even the waiter remarked it was the most beautiful set he’d seen in all his time there. That’s not to say the seafood doesn’t delight either – the salmon avocado maki and prawn rolls were delicious and the asari butter clams more than do the trick. Give the Japanese sushi masters here a chance to impress you. Trust us, they will.