We’ve spent years in Dubai dismissing British curry – what annoys us more than the food genre is the very British assumption that it is superior to Indian curry. Brick Lane is the newest British-style curry house to open in this city to put this to the test. The little street-side shack, is quite adorable. More of a takeaway spot, the prices at Brick Lane are as impressive as the variety on offer. Starters to tempt you include the Dhs18 tandoor lamb chops, and buttered prawns stuffed into a massive golden puri.

The prawns do however, closely resemble small shrimp and the marinade offers little heat, but it has a pleasant, sweet flavour. The humble dupiaza (a sweet curry with chunks of banana) is given a twist – here the bananas are pureed and added to the sauce, giving it a vibrant yellow colour and thick, clotted texture. There are also whole lychees thrown into the mix, as well as a hefty helping of sugar. Brick Lane has helped us to start to understand the appeal of British curry: it’s homely, and relatively easy on the stomach. It doesn’t possess the exoticism of its more authentic counterparts, but the fact that it leaves you in your comfort zone is… well, a comfort.