From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
With an abundance of Indian restaurants in Dubai and especially Out Metha, it is quite difficult to choose one that really stands out. Chutney’s on the other hand allows you to close the curtains around your table, (with a ‘don’t take this personally’ nod to your neighbour) and feel truly exclusive to your fellow diners. The menu is small, which can be a relief to those who find ordering exhaustive. The tawa murgh rayan, which is very tender boneless chicken cooked in tomato and onion sauce,is a classic dish cooked to perfection while we also went for the not so bloating fresh hammour cooked with garam masala. The ambience was gentle except there were tables in the corridor which gives you a not so romantic view of someone checking into the hotel below but you will be entertained by an Indian band playing for most of the night. If you want an authentic experience with tasty Indian fare then you can’t go far wrong.