From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
This Irish treasure is the only pub in Dubai that is allowed to sell alcohol independently. Fact. And that’s part of its hidden away charm. Tucked behind the White Crown building on Sheikh Zayed Road, step into its smoky dark interior and you could be in any local Irish pub in the world – part of the appealis it’s not glitzy, stark, new or particularly polished, this is a proper boozer that can shut out the Dubai sunshine as much as it would the Irish rain. The menu reflects this with its traditional pub-grub round up. It’s not gourmet food but satisfyingly large and stodgy. One area where it really does stand out is its fry ups. Possibly the best (or closest to a ‘proper’ fry up) these grease laden affairs come with pork bacon, black pudding and a pint for a ridiculously small sum of dirhams. It might not do your arteries or waistline any good, but we can guarantee it’s a banging start to a Friday. Fibber’s also attracts a friendly crowd – mainly of the older expat variety who can fill you in on Dubai’s older days -whilst you’re taking part in its notoriously difficult pub quiz on a Tuesday evening.