From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
What was known as Shades, the bar area surrounding the infinity pool at the Address Dubai Marina has now changed to something incomprehensible and difficult to remember and unfortunately in this case, a change isn’t as good as a rest. The bar favours white plastic couches and low tables whilst the slightly disparate menu, is full of French based appetisers, heavier Asian/European main dishes and then a selection of tapas. More used to serving drinks, there has been know to be a bit of a wait on food,whilst their tapas should be renamed bar food, as it resembles (and tastes) more like microwaved fast food (basically chicken nuggets and soggy calamari). The main meals fare better – a duck breast on a bed of cabbage is delicious but still slightly incongruous to the surroundings. Whatever the bar is called now, it obviously isn’t sure of who it is aimed at – cocktail sippers in need of a nibble or local diners needing a good feed before they hit the town.