From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2011
There are many restaurants in Dubai that serve up fantastic views, and The Terrace at Park Hyatt is one of them. With Thai Kitchen and Traiteur right next door though, The Terrace doesn't waste a lot of time competing with food and only has a few options on their menu that are actually larger than bite-size, which includes a chicken caesar salad and everyone's favourite, the beefburger. It's a delicious, moist patty with a healthy hue, unlike the dull grey slabs of meat that often pass off with annoyingly the same name tag. The toppings seemed a bit of a let down, with limp lettuce, tiny slices of tomatoes and a few thin slices of onion that kept the similar-sized slice of cheese company, but if you're all about the meat (like us) this won't bother you in the least. Besides, the chunky chips on the side will make you smile (well, until you see the bill – the burger costs Dhs70). Still, there's no mistaking that this very much a place you come to for the drinks, of which there are many. We'll definitely return for a relaxing end to a long day, but probably after having had a meal.