While Karma Kafe, Buddha Bar’s sister restaurant, boasts atmosphere, cool decor, in-house DJs and a lively crowd, unfortunately there has been a decline in service of late. As you’re unlikely to be given the information when making a reservation, let it be known there are two dinner sittings: and if you’re not finished during your allotted early slot, wait staff have been known to become rather impatient.

That said, if you stick to sushi or the Kobe beef sliders, you won’t be left feeling short-changed. Likewise, opt for the wok-fried chicken lettuce wraps if you’re a fan of fresh coriander, because it’s the primary flavour, while the generously-portioned cherry salmon retains a loyal following in Dubai. Visit on a good night and you’ll come away feeling Karma Kafe could be one of the hippest restaurant-lounges in Dubai – but visit on a bad night and you’ll just be left feeling disappointed.