The impressive lobby of Ibn Batutta Gate hotel is certainly impressive, with its high ceilings and hanging Arabic lanterns, but bizarrely the restaurant itself has taken on a strange boudoir design; though modern and clean, it’s more reminiscent of a VIP club than a space for fine dining. Curtains separate private rooms, leaving the option of private intimate booths, ideal for dates, or a table out in the open. The tables are dressed with table runners, chopsticks and plates for show, which are cleared away in advance of the food arriving.

Although the menu to contains Western versions of Chinese dishes (think sweet and sour chicken, done the Britis way) or chicken in black bean sauce and kung pao chicken, it’s a pleasant surprise to find that they have a few authentic dishes on the menu including xiao long bao – the steamed soup dumplings come in the traditional wooden pots with vinegar and chili and although the pastry is slightly too thin, and you may end up in a sticky mess, the delicious taste transports you to People’s Square Shanghai. Other dishes on the menu include Sichuan chicken and meaty Peking duck, complete with crispy skin.