Located on exactly the wrong side of the JBR Walk to attract that all important stroll past customer, Umi Sushi is nevertheless a somewhat empty Japanese venue worth visiting, regardless of the slightly tired façade. The small, obligatory centre piece sushi bar may not be overused, but it contains the secret to Umi’s success – fresh ingredients.

With a menu covering everything from salads, to maki to sashimi to the bigger plates of udon noodles and grilled meats, the venue is nothing if not ambitious, but it’s an ambition tackled head on with plates of fresh baby octopus adrift on juicy seaweed competing with crisp salt grilled salmon belly (an experience in itself) and succulent scallop sashimi. Grease is a word unheard of here, and if you can just get past the complete lack of atmosphere, Umi provides a somewhat budget friendly alternative to the big hotel sushi bars that dominate the Dubai skyline.