While we appreciate a sleek, modern Italian eatery as much as the next guy, sometimes we just want a ‘when the moon hits your eye’ experience; Da Vinci’s delivers just that. Chintzy (and admittedly a little dusty), with many of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces recreated throughout, this affordable restaurant serves up food with little finesse but plenty of heart. As soon you sit down you’ll be served deliciously fresh sesame bread rolls by one of the unfailingly friendly waiters, and we suggest you then order a soup, maybe the rich wild mushroom and goose tortelli or the more refreshing carnaroli rice soup. As for mains, Da Vinci is very proud of its pastas and pizzas, which are positively edible but short of delightful – the pizzas are perfectly crafted, but the ingredients aren’t so delectable that nuances linger on the palette. Pastas are pleasingly al dente, however sauces are heavy-handed, and can be too oily, creamy, and buttery. A major plus point, however, is that even the most extravagant of meals here won’t break the bank, making it an anomaly in Dubai’s licensed restaurant scene.