Le Classique has been dishing out French fare to Dubai expats for longer than most can or care to remember. In this respect, the restaurant has a great deal of history behind it and warrants praise for standing the test of time in this transient, ever-changing city. Its enduring reputation is largely down to Executive Chef Francois Porte, who received Time Out’s inaugural Outstanding Contribution Award in 2011. Chef Francois’s traditional culinary values have been captured at Le Classique, in everything from the classical soundtrack and hushed atmosphere to the red-meat options, which are prepared at your table in a crescendo of flames. However, it’s hard not to feel that this old-world charm has become a little frayed. The venue itself perhaps needs a slight renovation and definitely a re-carpeting, while the menu lacks the vigour of some of Dubai’s newer restaurant offerings. This latter observation can be largely attributed to the fact that Le Classique has always enjoyed healthy patronage from Golf Club members and residents of the nearby Springs (people who like the familiarity of the venue and the consistent, if not somewhat stayed offerings on the menu) and is resting on its laurels. However, there’s a lot on offer for the more mature, traditional diner, though younger, more adventurous foodies should look elsewhere for their French fix.