Refined Japanese fare with a Peruvian twist is the best way to describe the delicacies that come out of Nobu’s kitchen. Its signature yellowtail sashimi with jalapenos, rock shrimp lobsters in a light, crunchy tempura and spicy cream sauce might win over some diners, but the price tags will send most running. Although the Atlantis-based Dubai chain has been open for almost three years now, its menu remains unchanged, so those who have been able to fork out for a meal once or twice will find it a little tired. Lucky then, that you can divert your gaze to the sleek décor. Soft lighting and fish trap-style curved wicker panels lining the walls and ceiling never fail to impress. If you’ve done sashimi to death, hit the crab tacos or chilled lobster salad with a lemony ponzu dressing. The duck breast in orange miso sauce has a perfectly crunchy skin – although on our last visit, the kitchen was, oddly enough, out of wasabi salsa. While the dishes are good, the food alone is not enough to carry the service, which is a level above most places, but could definitely do with some personalising.