Media City to DIFC is a long way to travel for a sandwich, but seeing as 1762 is only open from dawn to dusk on weekdays, it seemed I had no other choice. On arrival, I realised my journey would take that little bit longer – there was a sea of suits frothing out of the deli’s open façade. Undeterred, I swam in, only to find that the queue looked far worse from the outside.

My advance to the till was further expedited by light-hearted chit-chat with the jolly ladies behind the counter feeding me suggestions and recommendations – just as well, as the wealth of choice was remarkable: Asian noodles; Indonesian-style gadu-gadu salad; club-like breakfast burritos; brie, onion and jam in dainty bread rolls; roast veg, mozzarella and tomato encased in slabs of focaccia; and broccoli and cheddar quiche, to name but a few. However, it was the roast beef in a Yorkshire pudding wrap that caught my eye, which I complemented with a slice of ginger bread, washed down with a cup of home-made lemonade.

Since I’d come this far, I opted to eat in and took a table amid a contemporary collection of dark wood, exposed brick, and chandeliers. If I’d closed my eyes, I could have almost been in a bohemian restaurant in London’s trendy Shoreditch. Such musings were interrupted by the swift arrival of my order – my roast beef wrap had been warmed up and was served with a cheeky gravy dip and a pot of horseradish mayo. The wrap was artfully constructed, with the soft Yorkshire pudding strong enough to keep its meatt cargo in check. The result was filling and fantastic – every component of the wrap, from the Yorkshire pudding to the spinach to the rosy red roast beef, was near perfect. A sweet tang came courtesy of the home-made pink lemonade, which I followed up with my generous gingerbread slice, the light, springy flavour embellished with the zing of lemon icing.

Had I not been satiated, I’d have happily ordered another sandwich or salad for the sake of research, but instead ambled slowly past the display counter, making a mental note of what to choose on my next visit. Ordering a coffee as a final farewell, I asked if everything is prepared on-site. It is. Perhaps the only disappointing aspect of 1762 is that its second outlet will be opening in Jebel Ali and not Media City. That said, Jebel Ali isn’t that far to go for a sandwich…

The bill (for one)
1x Pink lemonade Dhs18
1x Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding wrap Dhs35
1x Gingerbread slice Dhs15
1x Americano Dhs15
Total (excluding service) Dhs83