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As with most mall-based restaurants, there’s an obligatory theme – here it’s native American, reinforced by totem poles, Red Indian headdresses and kayaks adorning the walls. The menu doesn’t offer too many surprises, listing burgers, ribs, generic steaks and a handful of Tex-Mex options. Staff are friendly, animated and good with kids and although the food is unlikely to rock your world, it’s freshly prepared and mercifully lacking in grease. With prices that stack up well against similar in-mall options, this is an inoffensive, if unremarkable, venue for a family dinner.

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  • Location: Dubai Festival City Mall, Festival City, Dubai
  • Tel: 04 232 8866
  • Travel: Al Rebat Street

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User reviews:

Posted by: Derek Mulder on 23 Nov ' 13 at 09:42
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

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Took friends of mine to the Spur in Dubai Festival City last night, show them TRUE South African Food and Hospitality (as they were not from SA) but was greatly disappointed in the service and food. I felt ashamed that I have been building this dinner up the whole week as all it turned out to be was a SOULLESS experience.

Posted by: Ivan on 24 Jul ' 12 at 13:34
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

I have good impression of the chain since I was in South Africa. However here the waiters seem disoriented.

The food... we ordered from the menu the "full rack" beef ribs and they came in the form of 4 bones with a bit of meat here and there.

Upon leaving the venue we discovered that that evening there was a promotion of beef ribs All You Can Eat. Provided that (nobody counts the total number of ribs eaten that evening), couldn't they put couple of more ribs, not only almost bare bones to our order? We saw that on other tables people ordered the All You Can Eat option and the ribs were much more appealing.

Back to the staff: Couldn't the waitress inform us about the promotion since she saw we ordered ribs? Or are they afraid that the customers will eat all of their ribs in the "cheap" promotion instead of the regular menu price?
When we spoke to the manager on duty, she was sooo defensive and accused us in not reading the posters outside of the venue informing about the promotion. No excuses, nothing, she literally shouted on us.

Never again.

Posted by: hilary on 15 Jun ' 12 at 05:27
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

This is a South African restaurant chain serving typical large sized SA food. We are regulars at Spur back in SA and when we read these reviews here we were worried about going but wanted to check it out anyway. When we arrived we could see immediately that it was full of South Africans and that was good to see as they would know what to compare to back home. We found the waiters very polished and switched on and most of them South Africans which was nice to see.
We spoke to the manageress about the chicken and she explained to us how things are prepared in the kitchen. It is only the buffalo wings and spatchock chicken which are deep fried, and spatchock chicken is done for just a few seconds. I ordered the chicken schnitzel and my husband had nachos and salad. The chicken was prepared on the griddle but was tasty. Everything was just like the Spur back at home except that there is a much shorter smaller menu but all the favourites are there.

I saw lots of glasses of Creme Soda at tables which a real South African favourite, and they have Sparletta too. My favourite thing was that for the side veggies they served creamed spinach and pumpkin which are a SA staple food and delish.

Overall was not quite as good as SA Spurs at home but still very good and tasty and we will go back. I suspect the difference may be that the ingredients back in SA are all very fresh and of highest local quality.

Posted by: Biko on 29 May ' 12 at 05:41
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

Very bad steak we choose 4 different dished they are alllllllllllll bad

Posted by: Razena on 16 Apr ' 12 at 17:28
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

I am familiar with the Spur franchise as they originate in my home country. This particular branch has always had really good service and the food is reminiscent of the fondly remembered menu from home although there are slight differences... like the big boned beef ribs here that require a huge serving platter.

Today I went there after work despite having had a very disappointing experience a few months ago. I ordered the chicken and beef combo again hoping it would be mouth watering and delicious. Instead I got a deep fried chicken quarter that on the menu is described as 'grilled' and beef ribs that were tough and still retained the cold from the chiller that they came from before receiving a few lashings of basting sauce.

On the previous occasion the manageress apologised profusely and blamed the fried chicken on a shift change and a cook who needed to go home. This time at least the manager admitted that they don't actually grill the chicken at all. It is now precooked and then deep fried per order... reaching the table dry and unpalatable.

At least he had the courtesy to be honest and offered not to charge for the dreadful meal. He insisted that I take a dessert as a token of their hospitality... and I ordered a waffle.

I felt really sorry for the poor guy because he was sure that the dessert would exceed expectation, but sad to say it was a disappointment as well. The memory of a dessert that was hot, crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside was shattered by the stodgy heavy lump of cooked dough that was presented.

I choked on a few bites and decided to eat the ice cream only, for which he kindly provided me a spoon :).

One would think that an establishment struggling for business in a rather dead venue would make an extra effort for the customers that do decide to venture in.

Unfortunately, this Spur has allowed the standards of it's food service to drop far below the international standard for it's brand. Any branch in the country of origin would be ashamed to serve this low standard of fare to their patrons. If this branch and the Spur franchise is to thrive in the UAE, the management really need to up their game and go back to basics.

Posted by: Jay on 01 Jan ' 12 at 19:18
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

I have been in Spur for couple of times. Steaks are really nice and other food items are delicious. Not many choices for side dishes which is a bit disappointing for me but I must say their Steaks are very much OK. Service is also very good.

Definitely will go again.

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