It’s clear from the offset that Pierchic is a picture-postcard of a restaurant. Situated at the end of a pier off Al Qasr, it’s achingly romantic and this is without the aid of violins or live ‘jazz’ singers all too common in Dubai’s restaurants. Staff are courteous and charming, while the food is equally graceful. The seafood platter is a bonanza of seabass, shrimps and hammour, served on a bed of beans and vegetables, a feast that even two of the hungriest seafood-fanatics will struggle to finish. Everything from the smallest things – like the herb butter and soft bread and the accompanying fluffy rice – to the formidably sized oysters with delicate dressing and the lobster salad underline the strength in depth of the menu. Pierchic is a seriously romantic venue where Romeos will line up to bring their Juliets, but it also serves quality food, making it more than just a pretty face.