Betawi Café, this year’s award-winning budget eaterie, is a favourite among the five-star chefs in Dubai, and although it takes a little bit of detective work to find (two streets behind Spinneys on Bank Street on the Karama side) and appears almost shut with the banks of fizzy pop cans sitting in the doorway, you too should check it out. The Indonesian menu isn’t huge, split between soups, starters and mains, but everything’s explained in English and the staff also speak perfect English.

Even mid-afternoon on a Saturday, the small tables play host to a number of patrons, all being served healthy portions of nasi goring, nasi pedang and various broths, soups and opar ayam, which is chicken served in coconut broth. The café’s satay dish – its stand out – comes heavily laden under a thick, dark, homemade sauce that tastes almost chocolatey. Homemade crackers and fluffy rice accompany each main, and for under Dhs25 per course you can’t go wrong.