This neat, posh and polished Iranian restaurant is sat right beside the Madinat’s waterways and boasts a great ambience. The smiling staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and will instantly grace your table with warm Iranian bread once you’ve placed your order. Just one bite of the Kofte Anar will have you planning your next trip here - the tender succulent pieces of meatballs are drizzled with a sweet, sticky and tangy pomegranate sauce. As the name states it, Anar (pomegranate) is a prominent ingredient in most dishes followed up by the saffron spice. Even Zereshk, the saffron flavored rice is dressed with a scatter of sweet-dry pomegranate seeds. If you think you have had enough pomegranate for one night the Faloodeh will keep you double guessing - the fine corn starch vermicelli frozen scoops are drizzled with a pomegranate sauce and rose water. Disregarding the price, this venue makes a fine spot a cozy evening.