It’s unfortunate that, after years of planning, building and interior design, the newly opened Ramada Jumeirah looked dated the day it opened. Its unintentionally retro lobby, which leads to Asian restaurant Ginger, isn’t the most enticing prelude to a meal. However, the enthusiasm of the staff goes some way to compensate for this.

Guests are treated to a moreish finger bowl of coconut shavings spiced with lime kaffir on arrival, which they can pick at while perusing a menu that offers staples such as tom yum koong, alongside yum nuea salad – a colourful mound of cherry tomatoes and shallots, which prop up a delicate row of tender beef strips. Mains include pla neung ma now (steamed sea bass with lime) and goong mang korn phad pong (curried lobster that also happens to be the chef’s special). Most dishes are wholly enjoyable, though it has to be said there’s a disappointing discrepancy between appearance and flavour at Ginger.