Cafeteria-style Bento Ya is a place where even those on the tightest of budgets can enjoy a meal at a bargain price. The restaurant’s always buzzing and the fact it attracts plenty of Japanese expats suggests the food is authentic and tasty. And it is. The thick-cut nine-piece salmon sashimi slides down a treat and is beautifully fresh. For something more filling, the sushi (including crunchy shrimp rolls and California makis) may not be the best in the world, but the rolls are large, and the drizzle of mayonnaise on select varieties gives them an extra kick. Fans of anything deep-fried should get their chopsticks into the ebi tempura – while the batter is quite thick, the prawns are huge. But if that doesn’t sway you, you can’t go wrong with the pan-fried seafood yakisoba – at only Dhs50 a pop, that’s dinner for two at under Dhs100.