It’s considered one of Dubai’s best-loved Indian restaurants, and not without good reason, because when it comes to both atmosphere and cuisine Ashiana is up there with the best. While not always crowded, the restaurant feels cosy and inviting, thanks to the heavy wood carvings adorning the walls, while the house band’s soundtrack of sitar and traditional Indian vocals complement rather than overpower the ambiance.

The cuisine here is traditional with a modern slant. Portions aren’t huge, but the quality of ingredients and richness of the spices means that you’ll be more than satisfied by the end of your meal. Poppadoms and spicy chutneys are a complimentary flourish at the start. The ghosht – large cubes of melt-in-the-mouth mutton in rich, nutty gravy – was a highlight – served with heaps of fluffy Basmati and buttery roti. This dish, and many more like it make Ashiana worth a visit.