From the fiery centrepiece burning at the restaurant entrance to its quirky but expensive cutlery, Legends seems to pride itself on getting the details right. Nestled away from the city hubbub at the tranquil Dubai Creek Golf Club, the venue boasts spectacular golf-course views and a great terrace for whiling away cooler evenings. The restaurant is high-end, but distinguishes itself from its rivals with a few ingenious twists: for example, the butter accompanying the bread basket is hand-made, boasting a delicate parsley flavour. Refreshingly, the steaks – Angus, organic grass-fed and wagyu – are priced per 100g, allowing diners to choose a custom cut, and all are expertly cooked. Fancy a flambéed steak? The staff will prepare one with a flourish at your table. We get the feeling a lot of thought has gone into each and every aspect of the venue, making this a very pleasant place to splash the cash on some carnivorous goodness.