A restaurant that’s hard to find if you’re making your own way, but extremely simple if taking a cab, Adukkala serves a variety of thalis and standalone dishes from South India that are a firm favourite with taxi drivers. The interior is basic, with large images of sights in Kerala adorning the walls – houseboats, classical dancers, backwaters and more. With combo meals and thalis not going over Dhs15 a plate, you can treat yourself to unlimited refills of delicious food. There is no cutlery, but if you ask, they will oblige. Since the food is from South India, you’re also able to taste motta (a fat rice prevalent in India’s south), which is filling, and a change from the regular Basmati rice many Indian restaurants serve. Staff are friendly and ready to answer questions you may have about each item on the menu. A South Indian thali that packs a punch, Adukkala is one of those hole-in-the-wall joints that deserve a closer look.