Chor Bazaar dishes out contemporary Indian fare from different parts of the country, courtesy Chef Ravi Rao. Inside the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, it’s set in a romantic ambience, with extremely comfortable seating. With a view of the kitchen, ordering is made interesting, with each dish on the menu showing where the item originates. However, that is potentially the most exciting part of the experience – while the food is extremely well-prepared, it’s run-of-the-mill and a little boring. The chaat option on the vegetarian serving platter is impeccable, but nothing else is memorable. Perhaps in an attempt to classify the food as gourmet, portions are small in comparison to the prices, but a little more invention is required to step this restaurant up to gourmand level. Service is great, with unobtrusive waiters checking on the diners. However, while the atmosphere and service impress, a bit more enthusiasm in the preparation of meals would not go amiss. We’re undecided whether or not diners should make the trip to Ibn Battuta and pay a hefty sum for boring, yet well-done, food.