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I must admit, when I saw the menu at Fazaris, the all-day dining venture at newly opened The Address hotel, I was petrified – 12 pages of hyper-international food offerings told me this was a place that was going to please no one in its quest to please everyone. Tajine, sushi, mee goreng and vindaloo all vied for my attention, and nothing on the menu revealed itself as a speciality.

Relief came in the form of warm, freshly baked rolls of bread – some of the best I’ve sampled in all of Dubai (I was particularly smitten with a soft, airy sun-dried tomato roll). Perhaps I owe it to this mini carb-feast that my dining companion and I were ultimately able to concentrate our thoughts enough to place an order.

Unfortunately, the starter of saki-marinated octopus skewers that I was eyeing was not available, so I opted for the much artier (and hence, scarier) sounding crustacean bisque with coconut foam. It was the kind of dish that could be delicious, or, alternately, over-conceived and heinous. This rendition fell somewhere in between. While the accompanying crab tortellini was succulent and tender, the broth was over-salted and had the grainy texture and sharp taste of a ginger snap. Furthermore, the coconut foam was oddly indistinct, lacking both the sweet and nutty notes the fruit is known for.

The chef’s love affair with the salt shaker became all the more frustrating when the only thing that blocked a plump order of seared scallops, which were sweet and melting, from utter perfection was the accompaniment of an over-salted imam biyaldi (a Turkish aubergine and tomato mash). Meanwhile, my companion’s vegetarian mee goreng (a smoky, noodle dish from the Southeast Asian portion of the menu) lacked much in the way of seasoning. Though it did have a sweet, caramelised effect, the main was completely lacking in spice (an inauthentic touch, claimed my mate, who had spent time in Malaysia). Also, for vegetarian fare, it boasted very few vegetables.

Perhaps the best seasoned and most successful dish of the evening came in the form of a oven-roasted chicken marinated in preserved lemons and olives. Underneath the bird lay a potato baklava – buttery mash imbedded in a crispy filo crust – on top lay a light mint salad that complimented the marinade beautifully. The only flaw in this dish was that the chicken itself could have been juicier and more tender.

The service through to the main course had been quick and attentive, though it slowed down a bit as we started to get inklings of ordering dessert. With the time afforded us, we took in the room, which was too big and too bright for a proper romantic evening out. The terrace, however, was breath-taking: tables were spaced near a modernist waterfall (sleek and low to the ground) and overlooked the grandstanding – and record-breaking – Burj Dubai.

Eventually, the waiter dropped by to give us the menu. My date buckled at the thought of three different textures of chocolate, which came out as a dozen different ‘textures’ or items served on a massive block of pure Michel Cluizel chocolate. Of the pieces on her block, the most interesting were a delicate scoop of white chocolate ice cream, a chocolate and earl grey soup, and two chocolate mousses fitted on top of a chocolate brownie (they even managed to include a mini chocolate fondue). When she ate as much as she could, the waitress asked her if she would like the hefty chocolate block wrapped to go. I, meanwhile, was enjoying a much lighter combo of blackberries, cream cheese mousse and lemon sorbet. Again, perfection was marred by the fact that the blackberries had an oddly synthetic taste to them.

This near perfection was a problem at Fazaris. The issue, really, is that it was silly yet serious details that threatened to undo some otherwise well worked dishes, obstacles that could have been easily avoided. And while I wouldn’t claim the food here to be groundbreaking, I would say it is, by and large, good, solid fare.

The bill (for two)
1x Large Evian water Dhs26
1x Seared scallops Dhs85
1x Crustacean bisque Dhs65
1x Vegetarian mee goreng Dhs70
1x Roast chicken Dhs110
1x Chocolate textures Dhs75
1x Blackberry Dhs55
Total (including service) Dhs486

By Daisy Carrington
Time Out Dubai,

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  • Location: The Address, Downtown Dubai, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
  • Tel: 04 888 3444
  • Travel: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
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User reviews:

Posted by: MaryLou on 09 Oct ' 11 at 07:21
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

I am not one to typically rate restaurants but I think I would be doing everyone a disservice by not doing so in this case since we went based on all the 'good' reviews we read on here. Our dinner party was 2 couples and we wanted to try a new place so naturally reading the good reviews to this restaurant we wanted to try it. From the moment we walked in on a Friday night the restaurant was completely empty there was a familiy of 4 on one table and a man sitting solo on another - so much for ambiance. Although, we were hoping for good ambiance we decided to eat there anyways, the menu was on the high end with a steak or chicken ranging from 150 -180 (plus sides) we didn't mind the prices at this point as we believe in paying for good food. We were immediately told that there would only be 1 piece of salmon available - really there was an empty restaurant so to have limited your few guests due to lack of ordering was a bit disappointing. Amongst the 4 of us we had (1) salmon, (2) steaks, (1) chicken - we were stunned when the plates came out the steak looked like the had been cut from a one piece to make 2 they were in a perfect square shapes - not representative of a 180 steak - the chicken was bland and needed extra pepper and salt to even be edible, the salmon seemed to have been the best choice - however, that was limited to one piece for the entire restaurant. The portions were considerably small - in fact too small and we are not big eatters. We asked for a round of drinks and those were forgotten amongst the chaos of 8 people in the restaurant, we asked for bread which again must have been forgotten and never came out. In the end our bill exceeded 1000 dhs and we left highly disappointed. Nevertheless we will not be returning and would not recommend it to anyone. There are so many better places you can eat at in Dubai, as for us lesson learned, the restaurant was empty for a reason and we learned the hard way.

Posted by: Sarah on 23 Jun ' 11 at 04:31
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

We went here for the Wednesday Sushi Night.

Was a great experience over all, the service is outstanding (except the hostess was a little too business and could have been a little friendlier)

Great variety to choose from for sushi, with many other Asian specialities. The Desserts were great if a little focused on making almost everything "green tea flavoured".

Prices are a little steep as the food is just above average but the great service completely makes up for this.

After dinner make sure to take a wonder out to the pool area bar for the amazing view of the Burj Dubai and the fountains.

*More suited for a group of friends than a romantic night for two, you must get up to get your food.

Posted by: Andrew Johnston on 18 Jan ' 10 at 12:50
  • Best for: Family friendly
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? No

I was very very disappointed when I left the restaurant. I waited app. 3 Minutes to be greated as nobody attended the door. The staff appeared busy with other things, not with the few guests in the restaurant, but entertaining themselves. The open kitchen conept is nice. The open service station concept is not!!! I have seen plastic bottels and plates piling up. Anyway, a restaurant at that level is serving water in plastic bottles? Safe the environment and "class up " your venue. Maybe I am from the good old school with cetain fixed values, but I really think that plastic bottles look ugly.
I probably involontarilly met the entire service staff that evening, as no waiter seemed to be assigned to my table and every person attending my table ask me if I want water. I always said yes, but the water never came. The buffetis ok, although the dessert selection needs improvement. The atmosphere is average, as I had the feeling to sit in a waiting room of a train station (thank you open side station).
I honestly expected much more from a restaurant being located at the Address. Well, nobody ever gave me a fond fairwell (remember your RC roots), but its ok as nobody really noticed me and I probably will not return. Its a pitty, because it has potential.

Posted by: Esra on 11 Aug ' 09 at 12:35
  • Best for: Brunch served
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

there are different buffets of Indian, Mediterranean, Arabic and Japanese. after eating Arabic and Japanese buffets I was already full; but desserts were very delicious, expecially chocolate desserts are fantastic. next time I plan to eat desserts only :) the decoration is very modern, unfortunately the ceilings are high and I felt the ambience was cold, but the personnel was very professional and served perfectly with smile on their faces.

Posted by: Destin Rozi on 23 Mar ' 09 at 07:40
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

Served Best Sushi EVER!!!

Posted by: Tamara Hassan on 23 Mar ' 09 at 05:14
  • Best for: Brunch served
  • Would you go back to this restaurant? Yes

Great atmosphere, very relaxing outdoor area. Sushi station is my favourite!

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