As long as you’re not offended by cries of ‘Diet Pepsi for sexy lady!’ as the chef sprinkles soy sauce on sizzling hammour, or mischievous comments like ‘Lebanese banana, very small’ as courgettes are lined up, seafood night at Benihana makes for a fantastic evening out. The miso soup and ginger-laden salad are accompanied by knife-juggling that would have Jackie Chan cowering under the table. Fluffy egg-fried rice is whipped out of the kitchen while fresh, juicy prawns and succulent salmon are cooked in front of you. It’s perfect for first dates: the constant entertainment means silences aren’t awkward. The green tea chocolate fountain and bite-sized tartlets provide an irresistible finale to a faultless feast. Seafood teppan is every Wednesday; there’s also teppanyaki on Sunday, sushi on Saturday and Tuesday and à la carte on Monday, Thursday and Friday.