From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
It would be easy to zip right past this teeny fast-food joint, but those in need of a fresh fruit boost would do well to slow down and take a peek. The selection of fruity cocktails is amazing, and one glass will certainly make a substantial contribution to your five-a-day.

The innovative names (Versachi, George Armani, Nokia and Computer), while not overly informative, are at least vaguely inventive, so stick a pin in the menu and take your chance.

Hello (a strawberry and mango concoction) and Jumeirah (a creamy carrot and mango combo), don’t disappoint and, should awkward customers come up with a blend they haven’t thought of, the super-friendly staff will bend over backwards to please.

Food-wise, Al Ijaza’s fare is almost as extensive as its cocktails, with some unusual and equally puzzling fare. Presented with the ubiquitous pile of fluorescent pickles, the sandwiches look – and taste – very similar.

That’s not to say they’re bad, just no more than you’d expect paying Dhs10 from a roadside eatery. With only two tables indoors and six outside, it’s basic to say the least, but worth a stop for a fab fruity schlurp and a bargain snack.