From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
It’s rare that Dubai pulls off a decent, mid-range bistro. As a relatively new city, it still struggles with the concept of simplicity, a value that is the cornerstone of all good bistro fare.

As a result, the food at 25/55 Café Bistro – which stands out more for the things it isn’t: over-thought, overdone, overpriced – comes as a relief.The decor hits the right notes, too. Outside, tables overlook the marina, which in the evening promises for a beguiling view (the type that could make any date swoon).

However, they don’t serve alcohol on their veranda, which means many couples will likely take their date indoors. The interior is nothing to be sneezed at, though; it’s romantic and minimalist without being overly fussy, and in this way it strikes a nice balance and underscores what’s to come.

The food is pleasingly good, with a plump fillet of snapper oozing with natural juices and a grilled rump of lamb similarly drooling and served butter soft. Desserts are delicious if a little over-sweet or over-chilled.Don’t let the empty tables at 25/55 put you off: they belie a yet-to-be discovered local hotspot; the kind of place where you can take a date without taking out a loan.