From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
If your other half’s idea of romance is remembering to put the toilet seat down, dine at Eau Zone to get that sparkle back in your eyes (literally, in this case, thanks to the twinkling candles).

The warm glow envelopes the seating on the wooden jetty by the lagoon-like pool, and the love-infused atmosphere will soon move your chat from small talk about nothing to gently whispered sweet nothings.

The menu offers a small selection of delicious-sounding dishes combining European fare with Asian, Thai and Chinese twists. There’s a good choice for vegetarians and fans of seafood.

The flavours are superb, although the textures are slightly tough; it seems the staff are confident the rare beef tenderloin merely needs a spoon to cut it as a steak knife isn’t supplied, but, unfortunately, is needed. There’s no denying, however, it’s very good nosh and beautifully presented.

The staff are efficient and polite, without being overbearing, and you are left to soak in the surroundings for as long as you wish. Finish things off with a divine dessert, like the chocolate samosa with lime and gingerbread ice cream.