From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
For a restaurant at the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club, in the posh residential area of Arabian Ranches, Epona is surprisingly shabby.

The tiny interior is dark, but has an air of ‘Old Gentleman’s Club’ about it, with its burgundy leather chairs and newspapers. However, on a sunny day – most days in Dubai – everyone eats outside, and nothing has been made of this area.

The mismatched wooden tables and chairs resemble the garden outside a local English pub, and the view of the paddocks is interrupted by ugly chipboard. The European food on offer is in the same league: the burgers are juicy with plenty of crispy fries, but nothing more than your average bar food fare.

As for the desserts, Time Out left half on the last visit, which is practically unheard of. But the worst part has to be the service. The flies attend the food much more attentively than the staff do. It’s not worth seeking out this restaurant through the maze of Arabian Ranches, but if you live there and you like horses (and flies) the burgers are tasty.