From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
You will probably already have an inkling of what to expect from a Tex Mex restaurant situated in a mall.

There are certainly more sophisticated cuisine ‘fusions’ than the collision between one of the fattest states in the US and its central American neighbour. But if you are in any doubt, the succession of gaudy polystyrene cacti urging you to ‘Get Mexicanised’ leading the way to On The Border, prepare you for the cheesy meal ahead.

Things start off well, with a complimentary bowl of perfectly crisp tortilla chips and a nicely piquant chilli dip, while the mocktails make for a healthy start to proceedings. When your guacamole is whipped up from scratch before you, things definitely look good.

However, the main attractions soon fulfil the mundane, heart-attack inducing fate you might have first feared on your way here. With its ‘big food, big value’ philosophy and friendly atmosphere it’s easy to see why people would visit On the Border. But for those seeking culinary fulfilment beyond the cheesy facade, it’s probably best to steer clear.