From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
This spot, hidden among the chaos of Baniyas Road, offers an authentic Chinese hotpot experience that cannot be matched anywhere in the city.

Hotpot is essentially a kind of Chinese fondue, except stock is used in the central pot, rather than oil or cheese. You’ll be given a large bowl of stock, like the herby chicken broth with an oily red pool of mouth-numbing chilli and garlic-infused spice.

This is placed on a hotplate in the centre of the table, and left to boil and bubble. You then order ingredients and toss them in to cook. It’s simple and riotously informal. Shove in crispy shards of fresh Chinese cabbage or a Chinese leaf called kangkong (it’s similar to spinach), until they become soft and drenched in spice. Follow this with some velvety shiitake mushrooms and slices of lamb or chunks of hammour.

There are two ways you can eat from the pot. Grazers can pick whatever their slippery chopsticks can clasp directly from the steaming concoction and slap it in the peanut, soy, coriander and chilli dipping sauce.

Slurpers, meanwhile, are advised to grab a ladle and spoon great puddles of goodie-strewn stock straight into their bowls and devour it as a soup. Then add noodles and enjoy.