From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
‘Farm-to-fork’ implies, in many parts of the world, that the food is from a nearby organic farm. Being in a hotel on the edge of Dubai Marina, it seems az.u.r. (a flat marketing effort at text speak for ‘as you are’uses the term more loosely: the food is not local, but it is organic and cooked from scratch on the premises.

The decor is minimalist, but with warm touches, like plush leather chairs and soft lighting, and the basket of warm breads help you settle in. The chef chooses to highlight quality food items simply and without pomp.

This makes a pleasant change to the overzealous use of ingredients in many fine-dining restaurants, but there are times it just makes dishes boring. What az.u.r does well is food that doesn’t demand much to bring the flavour out.

Steak is one such item; the Argentinian fillet is juicy and butter soft. The food is fairly light, so dessert is an easy task – although, unfortunately, they miss the mark.