From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
Handi serves up tasty northern-Indian cuisine, but unless you live in Deira it’s no longer worth facing the Dubai traffic for.

Those who live nearby (or head over at quieter times of the day, will find a tabla player and singer at work, and a slightly disjointed layout.

Take a table by the open kitchen, however, and you’ll feel like the place has a bit of a buzz, even if there are only a few tables full on your visit. Order the dahl Handi with black lentils, a buttery dish, and the fresh okra masala, both great as an accompaniment or for vegetarians.

The meatier dishes are also excellent; try the fleshy lassoni jhinga, king prawns in garlic, or the spicy lamb kebabs (a touch too hot for some). The service, while friendly, is slightly muddled for a five-star hotel restaurant, and some dishes may not even turn up. Not Handi when you’re hungry.