From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
Koreana is easily identifiable by its patriotically coloured neon sign (which the unknowing may mistake for a Pepsi advert, but the owner’s sense of national identity seemingly lessens inside, with a Japanese menu supplementing its Korean counterpart.

Given the restaurant’s basic decor and low-key atmosphere, prices are surprisingly high, but the quality of the food goes some way towards compensating for this. After whetting your appetite with the impressive array of kimchi that’s presented, order a selection of dishes –about two per person should do – and ignore which heading they come under; there are sides big enough to feed an army, and main courses that are much more modest.

Korean food combines Oriental flavours with eastern-European heartiness, and a particularly successful example of this is the rich, potato-heavy chicken stew (a ‘side dish’ that could easily sate three hungry rugby players), and the spicy minced beef (a reasonably sized starter).

If you venture into Japanese terrain, you can’t go wrong with the gyozo; beneath the dumplings’ crispy exteriors lie a meaty filling that’s as punchy as it is soft. Proceedings end with complimentary fresh fruit, which is about all most people could muster the strength to digest after such a substantial affair.