From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
To say Al Hadheerah restaurant takes real pride in its regional cooking is an understatement (the only thing understated about Al Hadheerah. Built to resemble a fortified Arabian desert village, the rustic-looking buildings and carpets that look as if they might fly, are illuminated by Islamic stained-glass lanterns, making for a romantic setting.

Choose a rooftop seat, a recessed carpeted pit or a table in front of the stage. The first assault on the senses is the lavish outdoor buffet with a dozen food counters serving scores of carefully created Arabic dishes, including proper Emirati food. Delicious spiced rice, a whole lamb slow-cooked for six hours, local fish, skewers of whole chickens, hot breads fresh from the oven and plenty of salads, all enticingly fresh and scented.

Then it’s on to the delicate and light local desserts. And there’s more to the experience than just dinner. A band plays Arabic music on stage while a belly dancer wiggles, and by the time the camel rides, Arabian horse displays and a tunic-twirling Sinbad appears, you may start to wonder if you’re hallucinating.

A great place to take visitors for a Disney-esque taste of Arabia.