From Time Out Dubai Eating Out 2009
Dining at Fish Market can be a bit confusing. The idea is, you look at the day’s fresh catch and vegetables, choose what you want and how you’d like it cooked. The issue is the servers’ lack of communication leaves one feeling a little lost, and doesn’t exactly inspire the diner with confidence.

At the 11th hour, waiters will suggest combinations and, surprisingly, the dishes actually work. Try prawns and vegetables in a coconut Thai curry – the gravy is a beautiful balance of spicy and sweet, the crustaceans are monstrously large and succulent, and the veg, crisp and properly cooked. Though the food is done well, and the windows offer spectacular views of the creek, one major drawback to this restaurant is the price.

The bill is tallied by weight, and – rather cheekily, we feel – a cooking charge is applied to the final sum, and so it’s not hard to rack up more than you intended at this bizarrely styled restaurant. If not knowing what you’re paying is part of the thrill of dining out, by all means, give Fish Market a try (the food is worth it.

But if you prefer to prepare your wallet for what lies ahead, go elsewhere.