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We’ve sampled the Dubai’s burgers to bring you the best. But we need you to help us scale down the list 37 Comments

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We’ve sampled the city’s burgers to bring you the best. But we need you to help us scale down the list – for the first time ever, we want you to be the critic. Click here to vote for your fave and, while you’re there, learn how to cook the perfect patty. Finally, watch this space for news of our big burger event!

The Exchange Grill

The bun: At this price, even the bread is fancy. More a brioche than a bun.

The toppings:
Patties come topped with a generous helping of melted aged cheddar.

The burger:
The meat is ground wagyu. The quality is so good, the burger hardly needs any seasoning.

The sides:
Served with perfectly cut, crisp truffle fries (purely addictive) and a portion of fennel coleslaw.

All men in a kilometre radius will envy this beast’s width and girth, making it tricky to eat without spillage.
Fairmont Dubai (04 311 8316). Burger available lunchtime only. Dhs125

Chef Express


The bun: No-frills: squishy, white and passable.

The toppings:
There’s a range to choose from. Our personal favourite is the barbecue ranch burger, which comes with turkey bacon, crispy onion rings, cheddar cheese and a creamy combo of barbecue and ranch sauce.

The burger:
Juicy, plump and cooked to order.

The sides:
A portion of thin-cut fries that are crisped to perfection.

The excess of toppings makes it messy. Bring a bib.
International City, Persia (04 420 0600)



The bun: Crisp on the outside thanks to a turn in the toaster.

The toppings: Beef bacon, fried egg and cheese are all available. All burgers come loaded with shredded iceberg (urgh), tomatoes, onion and gherkin.

The burger: The patties – each served well-done – are shrivelled and dry.

The sides: The thick-cut fries have a crisp shell that gives way to fluffy heaven, while the onion rings are chunky and coated in a crumbly batter.

Cohesiveness: Messy, but manageable without cutlery.
The Dubai Mall (04 362 7500). Other location: Mirdif City Centre (no number)

Al Samadi Café and Sweet Shop

The bun:
Fluffy and coated in sesame seeds. The toppings: Quality lettuce, tomatoes and melted gruyère cheese. Simple, but effective.

The burger: The patty is made of lamb and is loaded with Arabic spices. The result is a juicy beast with lots of flavour.

The sides: We only wish they served more of the meagre handful of otherwise lovely chips. There’s also a small side salad sprinkled with fresh herbs and pomegranate seeds, which left us feeling rather smug.

Cohesiveness: A well-sized, though thoroughly manageable burger.
The Boulevard, Old Town (04 432 9520)

More Café


The bun: Well balanced between soft and crisp, sprinkled with sesame seeds and branded with the More logo. Impressive.

The toppings: The three-tiered tray of toppings comes with everything any burger connoisseur could hope for: mango chutney, fried onions, gherkins, wholegrain mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, lettuce and tomato.

The burger: Plump, juicy and cooked perfectly to order.

The sides: If you want fries, you’ll have to order them separately, and if you have the cash we recommend you do. The resulting chips are perfect, square-cut, crisp shards of heaven.

Cohesiveness: Even if you use a knife and fork, chances are you’ll end up with chutney on your chin.
Garhoud (04 283 0224). Other locations: Gold & Diamond Park (04 323 4350), Al Murooj Rotana (04 343 3779), Festival City (04 232 6299), The Dubai Mall (04 339 8934)

By Daisy Carrington
Time Out Dubai,

User reviews:

Posted by: viv on 27 Apr ' 13 at 12:51

i have to agree with shake shack...butt...burger fuel is brilliant when it comes to gourmet style eats on a bun ...
if ur looking for something wholesome ..FUDDRUCKERS tops my list..thier 2/3rd pound Hot rocks burger beats everything .
the patties are made from prime black black angus cuts ...cooked perfectly to your choice plus , these juicy cakes of manliness come with an unlimited complimentary array of toppings ..from sliced onions to pickles..oh yea the coleslaws unlimited as well ...
give it a go n tell us what u think.

Posted by: Jessica on 08 Apr ' 13 at 14:12

you guys need to try Super Duper Burger in the JLT.
honestly I have never tasted a yummy burger like the ones I tried "Boston Burger " is awsome it comes with Angus burger topped off with roast beef and fried egg its the bomb plus a big veriety of burgers and hot dogs not to mention thier awsome Chilli! its to die for.

Posted by: Ray on 25 Mar ' 13 at 04:49

You guys haven't had a real burger until you try this new diner burgers in JLT. Super Duper Burger is the best when it comes to Angus burgers. They only use angus beef and their veggies are so fresh. Prices are very reasonable for angus burgers and they are huge, Give it a try and thank me later. Hence...try the Kansas City burger.

Posted by: Adrian Saldanha on 05 Sep ' 12 at 09:33

I absolutely do not agree with this list. I hope someone reads my review. Here is my short list of great places that serve burgers. One may be better than the other, but its subjective. Enjoy....

Burger Fuel
Shake Shack
Fat Burger
New Angus Burgers (2012) from Hardees
Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Caramel Restaurant and Lounge
Applebees (French Dip Sliders)

Posted by: B.Q on 25 Jun ' 12 at 15:40

Another vote for Shake Shack! Simple and straightforward yet delicious!

Posted by: filman santiago on 05 May ' 12 at 03:56

To me, Shake Shack at Dubai's Mall of the Emirates is great. Their burgers are just so yummy.

Posted by: imran on 13 Mar ' 12 at 14:17

the best burger is at ribs n rumps at dubai mall . other then that fuddruckers . i tried burger fuel which is ok too. but the best at ribs n rumps. must try guys.

Posted by: Ace on 07 Jun ' 11 at 09:04


does anyone know what happened to lick's?

Posted by: Willyem on 29 Jul ' 10 at 09:44

Socalled 'hamburger joints' have proliferated over the last decade, but there's still nothing that beats Johnny Rockets' Original Meal: 60 bucks of unadulterated taste bud fun - everytime! Simply erotic.

Posted by: Tobes on 28 May ' 10 at 14:33

I wish the Hard Rock Cafe was still there. Loved their burgers!

Posted by: rudolph on 25 May ' 10 at 14:01

i have to compliment and recommend the original idea that MnM wrote in the above...on the other hand I thank Time Out for the funny review they held and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Harvester's at the Crowne Plaza Dubai , SZ Road for the most delicious burger in Dubai...

PS: they are generous as well!!!

Posted by: Meg on 15 May ' 10 at 14:54

Who says the best burgers are American? Any Antipodean who grew up in the era of the "Milkbar" (yes there was a life before Maccas and 7eleven) - probably still has flashbacks of a burger so big you could barely get your mouth around it, and so juicy that the BBQ suace and beetroot juices (yes beetroot!) ran down your arms.

Needless to say in this land of celebrity chefs and franchises, you will not find such a delicacy on the menu, but ever the optimist- I always ask and alas have always been disapponted.

So where is the last place on earth I would expect to be served the burger of my childhood? Knock me over with a camel..... in the desert.. At Al Forsan restaurant at Bab Al Shams!

To the great amusement of the wait staff (beetroot madam?!), the mistro in the kitchen, not only rose to the challenge, but produced a perfect 11 Aussie Burger (top marks for enthuasiasm, quality and technique - with bonus point for good humour).

So for all you Dubai chefs and Y-Gen who grew up on TGIF and Burger King - here is how to make the perfect Aussie burger...(please note that the order of construction is just as important as the ingedents used)

1. Toast your bun under the grill and keep warm.
2. Fry a pure minced beef patty (with no artificial flavorings!). Season with salt and pepper if you must,
3. In the same pan, fry a sliced white onion. The authentic version has a couple of rashes of bacon (if that's your thing). Turkey bacon is not an option! Cook all until golden brown
4. Add an egg and fry to as the juices all meld together and the smell of caramalised onions drives you crazy
5. A minute before everything is cooked to your liking - melt some tasty cheddar cheese on top of the beef patty.
6. And now for the salad - shred some iceburg lettuce, beefsteak tomotoes and the secret ingredient - sliced beetroot.

And now how to construct it....

7. Butter the toasted bun, smearing BBQ sauce on the bottom half and mayo on the top half.
8. Starting with the BBQ sauced half, layer in sequence - fried onions, beef patty, bacon (optional) , fried egg, sliced tomato, sliced beetroot and lettuce.
9. Top with the mayo'd bun half.
10. Wrap this monster in baking paper or foil to help hold it all together and minimise the juice bath.

Amd there you have it people - the perfect Aussie Burger. No pickle, no mustard, no hamburger filler. Congratualtions Al Forsan/Bab Al Shams - you nailed it!!

Posted by: Sara Sayed on 13 May ' 10 at 18:27

FATBURGER is the best burger in Dubai! I hope they set up shop in Abu Dhabi!

Posted by: teego on 13 May ' 10 at 06:53

What about Wendy's Arby's that just opened recently in Festival City?!

Posted by: Old Town Matt on 03 May ' 10 at 09:51

The post below sums Dubai up:

A Canadian burger chain where you can have a greasy fat-filled burger and a bottomless drink with fries on the side for just Dhs30.

The location?

Dubai Healthcare City.

Posted by: dave cummings on 01 May ' 10 at 10:49

Please stop spreading these lists over five pages - just put it on one page, it's much easier to read.

Best burger is at the Boston Bar.

Posted by: ismail on 21 Apr ' 10 at 16:15

The burger: We were excited to try our first camel burger CAMEL BURGER TUMPS UP ITS A NEW THINK IN TOWN WE SHOULD GIVE IT A TRY

Posted by: Alex on 20 Apr ' 10 at 09:05

you guys have to try FATBURGER, it has its new location in Jumeira 3, Dubai Mall and Mirdiff CC. this is the best burger in California and if you know In and Out it was out already..

Fatburger the last great hamburger stand..

Posted by: HDIII on 18 Apr ' 10 at 19:22

TOTALLY agree with some of the previous comments: How did you miss out on FUDDRUCKERS ???? Please explain!!

Posted by: Jam on 18 Apr ' 10 at 16:14

I think in this day and age value for money is an impotant sentence. Out of the list of burger joints for voting i have tried about 7 of them and i must say that Chef Express is my favourite. Its fresh wholesome and excellent value for money! I agree with a few of the reviews that around 100dhs for a burger is extortinate after all its a burger so why such a huge pricetag? Will be good to see who comes out trumps. Good luck all!!

Posted by: Asma on 18 Apr ' 10 at 08:42

Fudd ruckers definitely deserves a mention in one of the Best in town !

Posted by: Mohammed on 18 Apr ' 10 at 06:08

TGI Friday’s

Posted by: Khurram Agha on 17 Apr ' 10 at 11:33

Apart from Fuddruckers i think you should have also considered to put Licks on the list which is based in Dubai Healthcare City. It is a Canadian chain and has amazing burgers for only 30Dhs including a bottomless drink with fries on the side. On top of that you can choose your own toppings which include an amazing garlic mayonnaise sauce that is to die for! Seriously guys check it out if you can and i assure you that no one will be disappointed. By the way they also make great hot dogs and veg burgers as well :)

Posted by: nasha on 17 Apr ' 10 at 08:15

you should try the burger at dubai creek golf club... its pretty good!

Posted by: Alex on 15 Apr ' 10 at 09:37

I Agree with MnM and Mathur ...
A burger must be simple and cheap. As a burge lover and someone who tried at least 15 restaurants on the list i will go with
Chef Express Restaurant.
Their burger are fresh like homemade burgers and the price are really cheap.
Thumbs up

Posted by: Mathur A on 15 Apr ' 10 at 07:29

Yes, I totally agree with MnM. there are lots of joints which provide yummy burgers. Also, i believe burger r ment for people who are on move or wanna have faster meal..but looking at these expensive & heavy burgers..i think it would take some time to finish it. i prefer a proper meal then Huge fatty expensive burger.

Posted by: N on 14 Apr ' 10 at 19:21

I can't believe they rated Roadster Diner's burger 1/5!!! I have had many of the other burgers they ranked as 3s and 4s but nothing came close to Roadster's! It was huge and filling,tasty,well cooked and the fries were great and not at all floppy! The only down side was that it was so huge i had to remove the upper bun and dig in with a knife and fork. Just for the record i am a very picky eater, i takes a lot to impress me, but easily that was the best burger i have ever had. It seems that the reviewer went there on a bad day or something.

Posted by: Huzefa on 14 Apr ' 10 at 06:53

Check out the the burgers at Johnny Rockets, they are very juicy ..... u people are really gonna like it at Dubai Marina

Posted by: Maria on 13 Apr ' 10 at 16:49

Rainforest Cafe at Dubai Mall has really the best taste the freshness of the meat.

Posted by: Samantha on 13 Apr ' 10 at 07:26

Who in their right mind pays over Dhs100 for a burger or even Dhs50 for that matter.

Posted by: Maria on 13 Apr ' 10 at 06:26

Peter!!! You are sooooo right!! RIBS & RUMPS has the best burgers in Dubai - Daisy, if you haven't tried them, I really reccommend you do!

Just Perrrfect!

Posted by: Maher wedeh on 12 Apr ' 10 at 14:33

chef express is the best

Posted by: Fabian Vaz on 12 Apr ' 10 at 04:15

I think 'The Butcher Shop' (Mall of the Emirates JBR Walk) burger should also have made the list. The quality of the patty is really good.

Posted by: Jason Blum on 11 Apr ' 10 at 16:16

How did you hit this many places and miss Fuddruckers!? After 30 years, the Texas-based chain has the hamburger down to a flame broiled science and you get to top it with whatever you like. The extra value cheeseburger meal is, hands down the best deal in Dubai. Next time you review American food, get an American to do it. Daisy should stick to fish and chips.

Posted by: MnM on 09 Apr ' 10 at 10:44

okay - first of all - the best burger (to my standards) is Bun Kabab from Emly and Chillis (near American Hospital). Its fresh, tangy and spicy! perfect :)

On another note, timeout has a problem. Even in these touch economic times, you people come up and review only the expensive stuff! Burgers for AED 100. seriously??

Anyways - I think this is a general problem with Dubai. Everything which is nice is supposed to be expensive! No one wants to try the local stores, the roadside food, and so on.

I think you should start a special section - Timeout Budget edition. And trust me - there is a lot of stuff in Dubai which is cheap, tasty and a lot of fun. not to mention - a lot more authentic.

get in touch with me if you guys are seriously interested.

Posted by: Peter on 08 Apr ' 10 at 09:07


I'm not sure if you can call yourselves 'Burger Experts' when you haven't reviewed other well known Burger establishments i.e. Ribs and Rumps, Butcher Shop, Apres - MOE etc.

Other people have voted these as the best burgers in Dubai and they not even on your selection to vote.

Posted by: Andrew Court on 08 Apr ' 10 at 07:14

You guys are missing the best burger in town... the Park Hyatt Terrace burger is to die for! Best in town for sure!!

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