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Adukkala Restaurant Oud Metha Indian Pakistani Dhs 1-50
Al Areesh

Arabic food including some Emirati dishes

Oud Metha Arabic Middle Eastern Dhs 50-200
Barbecue Delights

Pakistani restaurant specialising in grills and meat dishes

Oud Metha Indian Pakistani Dhs 50-200 Barbecue Delights
Biella at Wafi Oud Metha Italian Dhs 50-200
Fish Basket

A very old-fashioned canteen-style restaurant, which serves decent lobster

Oud Metha Seafood Vegetarian Dhs 200-350
Indiflavors Restaurant Oud Metha Indian Pakistani -
Italian Connection Café

Another of Oud Metha’s independent culinary gems

Oud Metha Cafés Italian Dhs 350-500
Lan Kwai-Fong Oud Metha Chinese Dhs 50-200 Lan Kwai-Fong

A wallet-friendly Thai eatery with al-fresco seating that’s a favourite with locals

Oud Metha South East Asian Thai Dhs 50-200 Lemongrass
Medzo Oud Metha Italian Dhs 200-350 Medzo
Rose Café at Wafi

Bright and airy cafe at the top of Wafi that still has a lot of growing to do

Oud Metha International -
Sai Dham Oud Metha Indian Dhs 50-200
Saravana Bhavan Oud Metha Indian Vegetarian -
Spring Bamboo

What do you mean you've never had sea cucumber?

Oud Metha Chinese Dhs 50-200

No-frills eaterie with southern Indian and Chinese specialities

Oud Metha Chinese Indian Dhs 1-50
Thai Chi at Wafi

Relaxing Thai at Wafi

Oud Metha Chinese Thai Dhs 200-350 Thai Chi Thai Chi

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