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doesn't like itTue, 27 Jan 2015 08:51:46 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59895-the-secret-of-eternal-youth?12 spa deals in Dubai this week    Yoga workshops and spa promotions in Dubai this weekMon, 26 Jan 2015 11:03:43 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59857-12-spa-deals-in-dubai-this-week5 to try: Couples spas in Dubai   Get treatments for two with these Valentine's Day spa deals in DubaiTue, 20 Jan 2015 11:57:48 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59780-5-to-try:-couples-spas-in-dubai11 body and mind events this week   Yoga on the beach and more January offers at Dubai spasMon, 19 Jan 2015 12:44:22 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59711-11-body-and-mind-events-this-weekHow to stop grinding teeth   Dental expert on the knock-on health effects of this bad habitMon, 19 Jan 2015 12:40:50 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59708-how-to-stop-grinding-teethDo Reebok Cardio Ultras really work?   Reebok's latest trainer is designed specifically for your Body Pump classMon, 19 Jan 2015 12:35:26 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59707-do-reebok-cardio-ultras-really-work?Dubai wellness news   New flotation centre in Dubai and a new hair care oilMon, 19 Jan 2015 12:29:18 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59705-dubai-wellness-newsBudget beauty in Dubai   Seven super treatments for less than Dhs70 in DubaiTue, 13 Jan 2015 08:54:05 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59625-budget-beauty-in-dubaiCellulite cream in Dubai   A new cellulite-blasting claims, somewhat confusingly, to be Oscar-winningTue, 13 Jan 2015 06:15:03 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59591-cellulite-cream-in-dubaiDubai wellness news   A fancy new hair brush, skincare sins to avoid and early Valentine's dealsTue, 13 Jan 2015 06:08:39 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59588-dubai-wellness-news11 best wellness events in Dubai this week   Free yoga, belly dancing lessons, healthy diets and moreTue, 13 Jan 2015 05:44:10 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59582-11-best-wellness-events-in-dubai-this-weekBest wellness events this week   12 special offers at Dubai spas to get you focussed on a great new yearWed, 07 Jan 2015 06:01:04 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59528-best-wellness-events-this-weekDial A Nail in Dubai Marina   We check out the new 'spa-deluxe' for an express mani-pediTue, 06 Jan 2015 10:15:29 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59505-dial-a-nail-in-dubai-marinaDubai wellness news   Farewell to a favourite spa and try some new year beauty bargainsTue, 06 Jan 2015 10:11:46 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59503-dubai-wellness-news5 detox deliveries in Dubai   Juice cleanses and liquid diets to purify your innardsTue, 06 Jan 2015 08:54:10 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59497-5-detox-deliveries-in-dubai5 new gym packages in Dubai   Special offers and unique packages to kick-start your health regimeTue, 06 Jan 2015 08:37:04 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59494-5-new-gym-packages-in-dubai5 detox treatments in Dubai   Spa treatments to detox your body in DubaiTue, 06 Jan 2015 08:30:32 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59492-5-detox-treatments-in-dubai5 steps to a healthier you   Avoid fad diets, embrace your shape, be with healthy peopleTue, 06 Jan 2015 08:19:49 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59491-5-steps-to-a-healthier-you20 ways to a better Dubai body   Detox deliveries, meal plans, gym packages and spa treatments to rehab your bodyTue, 06 Jan 2015 07:16:26 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59482-20-ways-to-a-better-dubai-bodySurprisingly low-calorie dishes   Pizza, burger and pasta dishes don't have to be unhealthyTue, 06 Jan 2015 06:13:16 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59463-surprisingly-low-calorie-dishes11 unexpectedly unhealthy foods   Fruit juice, health bars and other diet-busting foods you would never suspectTue, 06 Jan 2015 06:03:48 +0000http://www.timeoutdubai.com/bodyandmind/features/59460-11-unexpectedly-unhealthy-foods