Pace E Luce Hair and beauty Salon

Location: - Dubai Marina
Tel: 04 399 7770
Travel: Sheikh Zayed Road
Times: Open daily 11am-9am

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  • radhakrishnan nair Jan 25, 2011 12:28 pm
    I have been going to Pace e Luce of Marina Mall for the last one year. Several months of my visit was just wasted as me and my wife go for hair colouring etc...especially to cover the grey.

    Sometimes our dress we wear gets ruined by stains of colour / bleach at times as the support staff do not realize the purpose of taking care of clothing for the customers. We have to remind often to cover the silver hair as a personal request since they always undermines their responsibility.

    We do our best at our cost to make Pace e Luce wake up ....

    Though we pay them exorbitant just for the purpose of dyeing & etc , they do not have any fix rates as they finalize billing as per their own choice & comfort of getting the best possible exorbitant income.

    My recent visit to their another branch at JUMEIRA near Mercato mall was a nightmare to my wife.

    The same as above nad in addition my wife has to go twice to get coloured for her silver hair inspite of paying heavy price.

    Yet the colour keeps fading during showers from the very first day.

    Living in Marina with a Lifestyle , Its hard to believe Parlours like Pace e Luce could be reckless and the staff behave like extortion than a good service.

    We are not concerned for the money we spend but expect to spend for the quality & service.

    Pace-e Luce doesn't even respond to customers for the compliants raised by email in their site.

    I spend minimum AED 2000 for me and my wife just for colouring, and etc + accessories to maintain

    One Gentleman Named Mr. Munir of Marina Mall Pace e Luce has some contious to save the Parlour Brand's Image.

  • Louise Oct 28, 2010 06:10 am
    I recently went to Pace E Luce in the Marina mall and it was a terrible haircut. I will never go back, i have long hair and it should be very straight forward to cut, they managed to make a real mess of it! I now have to go elsewhere and pay for another hairdresser to try and fix it for me.
  • Shakila Aug 17, 2010 07:39 am
    I had an appointment here for colour correction and was lied to. I requested any methods of lightening hair without bleach, peroxide or anything similar and was assured that they had the perfect product., They put a product on my hair and when I asked for the packet they gave it to me where I clearly read peroxide and other harmful ingredients contained within. I'll never return to this salon.

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