Prince Shoes

Location: - The Gardens
Tel: 04 368 5677
Travel: Gardens Cross Road
Times: Open Sun-Wed 10am-10pm; Thu-Sat 10am-midnight

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  • vijay bhatia Dec 27, 2010 12:24 pm
    This is in reply to Faisal Arif that you dont go to a car showroom & scratch the body paint with a sharp object to see if it comes off.The same thing works for shoes and every product in any store.There are always assistants present in stores to answer your queries.And above all the items displayed are also to be sold.You so called -ribbed my finger on the shoe-damages the shoe & leaves it unworthy to be sold to any other customer.-prince shoes
  • Faisal Arif Aug 08, 2010 05:07 am
    I visited Prince shoes on 07/08/10 in the eveing at Ibn Butta Mall. I wasl planing to by CAT shoes since long time and i knew that this outlet has good range to CAT shoes. I drove all the way to IBN BAttuta and went to this store, the sales person in store look very rude as i could over hear him dealing with other customer, i like one shoe and and i was not sure if they were polishable or not so i ribbed my finger on the shoes, the sales person very furioisly told me" DON'T SCRATCH" i was completey shocked and embarrssed by his tone and style and i quietly walked out the store.

    It takes ages to make coustomer rapport and take few seconds to destroy it.

    I promise if this sales person still remains in the company, he will use all his skills to scrae customer away from the shop.

    I strongly suggest all the people who care of their self respect, not to go to this outlet to be insulted.

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