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Whistle and Flute

The hardest part about getting a garment created at this superb Satwa tailors is actually finding the place.

Satwa Tailors
Montexa Satwa Tailors Unisex

Go to Ishwal and you’ll feel as if you’ve really settled in to this city – now you’re privy to offbeat tailors down grotty alleys

Satwa Tailors
Inter Milan

This is by far and away the best place in town if you’re looking for cheap football shirts, tracksuit bottoms and men’s trainers and don’t care if they’re dodgy.

Satwa Sportswear
Green Plain Flowers

Fresh and artificial flowers can be found here at bargain prices.

Satwa Florists
Fashionista at Al Ghazal Mall

A welcoming vibe prevails in Fashionista, which, in keeping with its name, is packed to the rafters with designer labels including D&G, Ed Hardy and Versace.

Satwa Women's fashion
Fae at Al Ghazal Mall

Embellished skirts, sequin-covered sandals, sparkling stilettos, glittery handbags and belts make this decadent boutique a definite highlight of the Al Ghazal Mall.

Satwa Women's fashion
Dune Centre

No frills, no-thrills shopping centre in an office block

Satwa Malls
Dream Girls

People don’t just say ‘you have to try the tailors’ to expats arriving in Dubai.

Satwa Tailors
Dethar at Al Ghazal Mall

The air in this accessory treasure trove is heavy with the scent of leather from the one-off bags and belts, while the glass cabinets are crammed with an array of earrings, chunky bangles and brooches.

Satwa Jewellery
Designer Deals

This Satwa shop sells lingerie in addition to clothes and is definitely worth a rummage around.

Satwa Women's fashion

This textile store was founded in 1977, and there are now many locations around Dubai

Satwa Tailors Unisex

‘I’ve fallen out with so many tailors,’ a friend and Dubai resident of over a decade told us as we made our way through the bustling streets of Satwa.

Satwa Tailors
Dazzle at Al Ghazal Mall

The word ‘subtle’ isn’t in Dazzle’s dictionary – hence its apt name.

Satwa Jewellery
Coventry Tailoring

This tiny no-frills shop might be hidden down an alleyway in Satwa, but don’t let that put you off.

Satwa Tailors
Cottonil at Al Ghazal Mall Satwa Unisex
Burlesque Satwa Interiors
Brazil One at Al Ghazal Mall

Calling all fitness freaks. Brazil One’s rails are spilling over with Lycra leggings, spandex sports bras and tight-fitting T-shirts.

Satwa Women's fashion
Brands for Less Satwa Electronics
Book World

With over 45,000 books, this shop stocks a huge range of used fiction and non-fiction, along with hundreds of magazines.

Satwa Book stores
Aqua Beachwear at Al Ghazal Mall

Stuck in a rut when it comes to swimwear?

Satwa Women's fashion
Aladdin Toys

Aladdin Toys boasts classic games consoles such as Master Systems, MegaDrives and Game Boys.

Satwa Toy stores
Al Madaen

If you are in the mood for hunting down something that no one else in Dubai has, you’ll find some refreshing bits here, compared to the obvious tourist traps in the city’s malls.

Satwa Home
Al Ghazal Mall

Quirky mall with a few hidden gems

Satwa Malls
Al Ghandi Electronics Satwa Electronics


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