Archery lessons in Dubai

Archery is enjoying a popularity revival - find out where you can join in

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Dubai's female sport stars

Meet the women making waves on the UAE's sporting scene

Global sport stars in Dubai

What is it about the emirate that attracts the world’s top players?

10 to try: Dubai sport clubs

Frisbee, basketball, volleyball, bumperball and other sports to try

Body Art in Dubai

Dubai's latest fitness trend will leave you energised and refreshed

Racing Month at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Fueling fun for the entire family at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Dubai International Parachute Championships

Get the need-to-know information on what the competition is all about

Camel racing in Dubai

Rise before dawn and spend a morning enjoying the UAE camel races

Golf lessons in Dubai

Benita Adesuyan practises with a pro to help you improve your handicap

Ice Warrior Challenge at Ski Dubai

Are you a sub-zero hero? Get ready for the city's newest fitness challenge

5 to try: Sport gadgets

Fitness gizmos that gym fans can get their hands on this season

JLL Roy Nasr Triathlon in Dubai

The man, the race and the legacy bringing the sporting community together

Join a Dubai football league

Take a look at the leagues starting now for men and women

Desert Warrior Challenge

Are you tough enough to take on the Dubai's newest fitness challenge?

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